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Wisdom from Laughter

500 Jokes with Life Lessons

ISBN: 9789833832460

Author: ,



Page Count: 241

Publication Date: December 2011

Available in: ,

Wisdom from Laughter is an interesting collection of 500 jokes which are bound
to tickle your funny bone!

Peppered with illustrations and cartoon drawings, Wisdom from Laughter
contains a hearty blend of different jokes with a dash of spice. Each joke is unique
and has been selected exclusively to teach perennial life lessons like compassion,
kindness, common sense, or even morality through laughter. There is a point of
reflection after that which will help you pause and reinforce the subtle nuances
behind the joke and help you make wiser decisions.

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine so whether you choose to read a joke
a day or read it all at once, pick up the book, lower your blood pressure and
laugh heartily.