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Wisdom From Laughter 3

ISBN: 9789672147077



Page Count: 208

Publication Date: January 2018

Available in: ,

Laughter brings about many physical, mental and social benefits. Wisdom From Laughter 3 has a total of 20 chapters with selections of humour pieces and jokes from 20 countries in the world. The book essentially follows the format of our two earlier successful humour with wisdom books, Wisdom From Laughter 1 and Wisdom From Laughter 2. Each of the jokes has a life or moral lesson for us to reflect upon. In this way, it is hoped that good thinking and values can be conveyed and inculcated. We believe Wisdom From Laughter 3 will be useful to a wide range of readers — students, teachers, parents, children and anyone who realizes the importance of humour and laughter in life.