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Wisdom From Laughter 2

600 jokes with wisdom notes

ISBN: 9789670789255

Author: ,



Page Count: 268

Publication Date: May 2015

Available in: ,

Wisdom from Laughter 2 essentially is a compilation of 600 jokes on different subjects like Marriage, The Professions, School, Religion, Children, The Law, Education, Romance, Family, Home and so on. Features of the book include the following:

  • The use of simple and clear English for easier reading
  • Clean jokes which serve to tickles one’s funny bone
  • Cartoon drawings to brighten up things
  • Reflective wisdom notes for each of the jokes
  • Some quotes and sayings on humour and wisdom sprinkled in each chapter
  • A list of common SMS terms and their meanings

Humour and laughter have been proven to have a great healing and therapeutic powers. Wisdom and life lessons are important to cope with challenges and stress of modern living.

May Wisdom from Laughter 2 enrich every reader.

May this book helps us on our path to be happier and wiser.