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Ultimate Collection of Best Jokes

Gags & One-Liners

ISBN: 9789670484877




Page Count: 416

Publication Date: September 2013

Available in: ,

LAUGHTER is the best medicine, so why not treat yourself to a guffaw or two with this bumper compendium of RIB-TICKLING jokes. From classic one-liners to SIDE-SPLITTING wisecracks, this riotously entertaining volume will have you CHUCKLING your socks off.

During a bitter row with his parents, a teenage boy yelled, ‘I want excitement, adventure, money and beautiful women. I’ll never find it here at home, so I’m leaving. Don’t try and stop me!’ With that, he headed towards the door. His father rose and followed close behind. ‘Didn’t you hear what I said?’ barked the boy. ‘I don’t want you to try and stop me.’ ‘Who’s trying to stop you?’ replied his father. ‘If you wait a minute, I’ll come with you.’