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Train Your Posture

The Art and Science of Healthy Posture

ISBN: 9789670484365




Page Count: 184

Publication Date: March 2013

Available in: ,

There is something about today’s sedentary lifestyle that makes it difficult to have good posture and those with bad posture worry about looking unattractive – they often develop early arthritis and premature

ageing and as a result, feel much older than their years. Written by a self-confessed posture addict

with experience helping thousands correct their untreatable posture, The Posture Doctor is your blueprint to perfect posture and to slowing the effects of ageing.

Discover posture-changing habits and practical advice including:

  • How to suppress your pain –and getoff the pain killers
  • How to identify your posture type
  • How to think yourself healthy
  • How to avoid syndromes – and discoverthe arthritis con
  • How to stop brain fog
  • How to ooze posture confidence  

“Finally someone who can tell me this is a problem – this felt so good. My regular doctor said not much can be done for my neck lumpand the severe pain . . . I really see an improvement.” – Jane Seitz

“. . . Paula, I’m telling you that I suffered for months with this shoulder pain and in a few minutes you corrected it . . . You have made a believer out of me.” – Steve Mallon, author of The Path To Glory