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Train Your Brain to Reduce Stress

How to Free Yourself When Stress Takes Over

ISBN: 9789670484433

Author: ,



Page Count: 240

Publication Date: April 2013

Available in: ,

What do you do when stress takes over your life, and nothing you do

 to feel better seems to work?

When you…

  • Melt down over the smallest thing
  • Get angry at the people you love
  • Choke under pressure
  • Feel tense and worried all the time
  • Procrastinate or give up in the face of a crucial deadline
  • Use food, alcohol, gambling, or other addictions to cope
  • Dwell on the past when you just want to move on

Train Your Brain To Reduce Stress is the first book to explain how stress changes your brain and what you can do about it. Stress is not the enemy. In order to truly reduce stress, you have to understand why your brain causes you to feel stress and how you can take advantage of it to handle the high-stress people and situations in your life.

This groundbreaking book reveals the step missing in most stress reduction guides. We can’t stop stress, but we can control the effect stress has on us.