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The Ultimate Health & Energy Plan

Boost Your Energy

ISBN: 9789670484327




Page Count: 126

Publication Date: April 2013

Available in: ,

Dubbed the ‘ultimate energy plan’ by those who have used it, The Ultimate Health & Energy Plan offers a SIMPLE yet powerful system to achieve great health, energy & happiness.

The book covers:

Mind management – how to stay positive, happy and energised

  • Nutrition – how to lose weight easily and achieve great energy
  • Sleep – the secret to great sleep so you awake feeling energised
  • Exercise – how to get fit and energised with or without a gym
  • Computer use – healthy computer practices that keep you energised
  • Re-energise – how to re-energise mind and body
  • Work-life balance – how to achieve balance in all the areas of your life
  • Quick fix chapter – 50 extra actions that will boost your energy NOW