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The Tools of Success

The Power of Positive Thinking, The Art of Creative Visualisation, Prosperity Consciousness, The Law of Attraction & Self Confidence

ISBN: 9789670610108




Page Count: 147

Publication Date: January 2014

Available in: ,

You create yourself, you destroy yourself and you reinvent yourself. you are selfmade.

This book helps you to deal with the challenges you face within yourself in order to achieve success in your life. It will support you to continue when others say it’s impossible and quieten the inner demons that try to keep you stuck where you are.
Explaining the techniques of meditation, visualisation and positive affirmations, Carl encourages you to choose the tools that best work for you to gain inner peace and happiness.

This book will support you to:

  • be more creative
  • take action to achieve your goals
  • become self-aware
  • develop a positive attitude