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The Manager’s Phrase Book

3,000 Powerful Phrases That Put You in Command in Any Situation

ISBN: 9789670484464




Page Count: 192

Publication Date: March 2013

Available in: , ,

As a manager, this book lets me do more, faster, and that’s all I ever need.-Armand Pinarbasi, Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Denmark

The Manager’s Phrase Book is a must read for anyone who needs to improve their mastery of management communications. – Therese Jamaa-Froger, business development director, Qualcomm

This book is pure gold for any type of manager. – George T. Ayoub, CEO, Machine Vision Products

As a manager, you’ll never feel anything less than fully confident if you’ve used this book. – Carlos Echaves, founder and CEO, RetroActiv Games

The major portion of management is communication. This eminently practical book will make you a more confident speaker. – Sam Abi-Samra, vice-president, HDR Inc.

 The Manager’s Phrase Book will help you to:

  • Use the correct words at all times
  • Conquer conflict
  • Take on challenges and challengers
  • Build bridges between people
  • Address sticky situations
  • Further your own career