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The Complete Guide to Memory Mastery

Organizing & Developing The Power of Your Mind

ISBN: 9789670789316




Page Count: 342

Publication Date: June 2015

Available in: ,

Do you want to be successful?

Are you ready to improve yourself?

Are you looking for a better and happier life?

Harry Lorayne’s unique system of memory builders and his secrets for unlocking your mental power will help you achieve these goals. Never again will you need to use reminders, notes, or post-its to remember facts and figures. You will be able to remember to do lists, names, faces, and even phone numbers.

Here in one volume, you will learn his unique proven techniques to:

  • Increase your powers of memory and concentration
  • Strengthen good habits and discard bad ones
  • Improve your powers of observation
  • Deliver a speech without fear
  • Become more organized and time-efficient

Harry Lorayne is the world’s foremost authority on memory and the author of a dozen books on the subject.