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The 10 Minute Brain Workout

Brain-Training Tips, Logic Tests and Puzzles to Exercise Your Mind

ISBN: 9789670484396




Page Count: 192

Publication Date: April 2013

Available in: ,

Do you find yourself forgetting phone numbers? What about your car keys or your credit card PIN? Maybe you tend to lose concentration during long meetings or struggle to stay focused on work by mid-afternoon?

What you need to do is to train your brain, sharpen up your mental reflexes and get those synapses snapping like firecrackers.

The 10-Minute Brain Workout provides a wealth of advice about how to keep your brain healthy, as well as a structured programme of logic tests and problem-solving exercises proven to increase brain efficiency. Memory tests with words, shapes and numbers; simple calculations; word squares and jumbled sentences; verbal-reasoning exercises and Sudoku or Kakuro problems all serve to stretch the main cognitive functions of the brain:

  • Language
  • Visual and spatial awareness
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Reasoning

The exercises in each one-a-day, ten-minute workout are varied to keep them interesting but become more challenging as you progress through the programme. Just like a gym session, The 10-Minute Brain Workout gets tougher as you get sharper – no pain, no gain!