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Success Principles

Ultimate Life Lessons From Successful People

ISBN: 9789670484303

Author: , ,



Page Count: 238

Publication Date: February 2013

Available in: ,

The ultimate life guide packed with proven real-life experiences of how experts have taken their lives to success.

 Success Principles contains an inspiring collection of experiences of people from all walks of life who made great strides to become who they are today. Drawing on a combined set of life experiences, and hence life lessons, of a staggering 1,450 years (give or take a year or two!), everyone within this book is passionate about helping you to:

  • Positively impact the way you experience life
  • Get the most out of your relationships with people
  • Achieve the careers you want
  • Make your business a great success, and
  • Attain your other goals in life, whether in your personal life or related to your career or business.

Success Principles is not just about theory – it is packed with practical exercises for you to try. So find a nice comfortable chair, put your feet up and learn the Principles of Success that will help you to achieve your goals, your ambitions and your dreams. Then take action…!