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Painless Business Finance

From Bookkeeping to Financial Reports and Ratios

ISBN: 9789670610641




Page Count: 152

Publication Date: September 2014

Available in: ,

Do you break out into a cold sweat at the sight of company accounts? Do you ignore the financial aspects of your job, hoping they’ll go away? Is lack of financial confidence holding you back?

The fact is that you can learn how to read company accounts as well picking up sound financial management techniques in just a couple of hours, and Painless Business Finance is the way to do it.

Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts needn’t be mysteries any longer. You don’t have to be tortured by colleagues’ conversations about key financial ratios and cash flow statements. You’ll soon able to participate fully and confidently in every aspect of your company’s financial performance and understand how to measure it. With Painless Business Finance at hand you need never be frightened by finances again!

ALAN BONHAM is a chartered accountant, consultant and trainer. He is the co-author of several books on finance and accounting.