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NLP for Business Success

Learn Proven NLP Techniques

ISBN: 9789670789309




Page Count: 304

Publication Date: June 2015

Available in: ,

Unleash your potential.

NLP for Business Success is a straight-talking, highly practical guide to using NLP to significantly improve your results at work. Whether you want to be a better leader, manager, negotiator, salesperson or decision-maker, you can learn proven NLP techniques that will boost your career, as well as the performance of colleagues and the organisation itself.

Using real-life examples and easy-to-follow exercises that apply to individuals, teams and organisations, NLP for Business Success shows you how to:

  • Improve communication
  • Develop your influencing skills
  • Remove limiting beliefs which hold your back from the success you deserve
  • Achieve your career goals
  • Harness the mindset for success
  • Gain a greater understanding of what motivates you

Formerly a finance director and management consultant, Jeremy Lazarus MA is certifies NLP Master Trainer and the author of three previous book, including bestselling Successful NLP.