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How to Create a Successful Business

Top Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

ISBN: 9789670610924




Page Count: 232

Publication Date: October 2014

Available in: ,

Do you know the keys to starting up a great SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS?

In HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS?, more than 25 innovative entrepreneurs reveal the pivotal decisions they made that helped them to start and grow successful businesses. In insightful and entertaining essays, many of them commissioned for this book and appearing in print for the first time, top business leaders discuss their successes (and sometimes, their mistakes), what they look for when they invest in new businesses, and the principles for effectively governing new businesses or leading existing companies to greater prosperity. This is essential reading for first-time as well as seasoned entrepreneurs.

Contributors include:

  • Mia Beauer
  • Tim Berry
  • Tony Jimenez
  • Liz Lange
  • Rob Mcgovern
  • Craig Newmark
  • Spencer Rascoff
  • Howard Schultz
  • David E. Siminoff
  • Seth Sternberg
  • Tina Wells
  • Martin Zwilling

and many more.