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How to Write Well

A Guide to Get You Started

ISBN: 9789670789033




Page Count: 176

Publication Date: January 2015

Available in: ,

Whatever your skill level, How to Write Well will help you to become a better writer. Covering all the structural approaches to non-fiction writing, it will enable you to:

  • impart facts in a report
  • develop an argument in an essay
  • tell a story through narrative, and
  • add a human touch to emails and blogs

Along the way, you’ll discover a set of simple rules that will allow you to write rapidly and clearly. Deadline stress will become a thing of the past as you learn how to manage your time by implementing the three-step formula of pre-write and re-write. In addition, the essentials of grammar and punctuation, easily confused words and other useful tips for writers are covered.

The result is an invaluable, easy-to-use reference that will allow you to:

  • identify appropriate style and usage
  • write with confidence and assurance
  • solve basic writing problems, and
  • become the editor of your own work.

Howard Gelman, (BA Journalism, New York University; MA English Literature, New York University), worked as a consultant editor for many of the major Australian publishing companies. He has project edited a long list of non-fiction trade and business books and worked with experts and authors on a variety of business related writing projects. He was a producer with NPR in the US and the BBC and came to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as Arts Commissioning Editor. He is currently a consultant for the Macquarie Group, holding writing workshops in their offices in Sydney, New York and London. He conducts writing workshops for many other businesses and is a writing coach and seminar leader for UNSW finance administrators. He has taught humanities subjects at The Cooper Union in New York and media production at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.