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How to Improve Your Brain

Boost Your Intelligence & Memory

ISBN: 9789670484778




Page Count: 302

Publication Date: January 2014

Available in:

Do you really only use 10 percent of your brain?
Can a bump to the head really restore memories?
Does your brain ever lie to you?
Why do you always forget where your glasses are, but never how to read?

The brain makes you who you are. This fascinating organ creates your personality and controls your reactions and emotions. It’s responsible for how you perceive the world around you all while controlling hundreds of physical functions like breathing, moving, circulation, and digestion. The brain is simply amazing!

How to Improve Your Brain will help you to unlock the mysteries of the brain. You’ll learn how the brain communicates with each part of the body, how it affects your emotional life, why you dream, and how you remember things. And you’ll also get in-depth descriptions of brain disorders and how science and medicine are working to heal or reverse them. Written in plain English, this ultimate user’s guide will help you learn about the most influential part of your body!