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English Fast & Easy 3

Useful Idioms & Phrases For Work And Everyday Life

ISBN: 9789670484167




Page Count: 384

Publication Date: December 2012

Available in: ,

Too busy to study?

Learn the idioms and phrases you need for work, school, everyday life.

Learn Clearly, Learn Easily, Learn Fast

This book makes it easy to learn idioms and phrases because: Cartoon Stories make the meanings clear. Examples show how to use the idioms and phrases. Review exercises help you to remember.

Amazing book! All my friends have it. – Mohammed Hamid- University student

My daughter Vivien, was top in her Primary 4 English written exam due to English Fast & Easy. She was able to remember so much vocabulary easily. – Bernard Wong- father

This is the easiest way to learn idioms- Dr. Richard Spear- professor of linguistics

Anyone wanting to speak better English should have a copy of this book.- Kee Thuan Chye- journalist, author