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Curious English Words and Phrases

The Truth Behind the Expressions We Use

ISBN: 9789670610962




Page Count: 430

Publication Date: December 2014

Available in: ,

Have you ever wondered where terms like ‘angostura bitters’ and the ‘green room’ come from? Or why we call some people ‘lounge lizards’ and others ‘sugar daddies’? These are just a few of the words and phrases examined by language expert Max Cryer in this fact filled new book. He explains where such colourful expressions come from, what they mean and how they are used. Along the way he tells a host of amusing anecdotes and dispels many myths as well. Did Churchill originate the phrase ‘black dog’? And if ‘ivory tower’ can be found in the bible, why has its meaning changed so drastically?

Curious English Words and Phrases is a treasure trove for lovers of language. Informative, entertaining and great value for money, this book is ‘the real McCoy’. From ‘couch potato’ to ‘Bob’s your uncle’, you’ll find the explanation here.