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Common English Mistakes in Malaysia & Singapore

ISBN: 9789670789460




Page Count: 170

Publication Date: July 2015

Available in: ,

Whether at stores, at school, at restaurants – anywhere they might be —Malaysians and Singaporeans are bombarded by the most monstrous English mistakes imaginable. In time, these mistakes become second nature, with each generation passing them down to the next. This book aims to break this vicious cycle by identifying common English mistakes in Malaysia and Singapore and explaining how to correct them.

“It’s time sticklers like Alex come to our rescue so that we can not only laugh at ourselves but also avoid being the laughing stock of the English-speaking world.” — Abdar Rahman Koya, Columnist, The Malaysian Insider

“As someone who, as profession, correct news articles in English, I knew our English is bad — but I had no idea it’s this bad! This being the case, I advise Malaysians and Singaporeans to buy the book, study the book, learn the book — if not for themselves, then at least for their countries, which suffer as a result of bad English.” — Shamini Ann, Subeditor, New Straits Times

“As they say the pen is mightier than the sword, this piece certainly pokes (almost stabs) Malaysians and Singaporeans into slow drips of laughing deaths. I love the examples and appreciate the simple way Alex writes to explain alarming language issues — broken down into manageable units for the layman. A must buy!” — Dr Adelina Asmawi, Deputy Dean (Undergraduate Studies) Faculty of Education, University of Malaya