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9 Powerful Practices of Really Great Mentors

How to Inspire and Motivate Anyone

ISBN: 9789670789248

Author: ,



Page Count: 224

Publication Date: April 2015

Available in: ,

Most companies around the globe clearly believe that people should have the opportunity to achieve as much as their initiative and native talent can justify, but too many managers still lack the wherewithal to effectively groom junior employees who have the potential to climb the corporate ladder.

The support of a mentor is an integral part of any effort to maximize someone’s full potential. A mentor-protege relationship has many unique features, which both sides of the relationship need to understand and appreciate. Serving in the role of mentor to proteges involves providing highly individualized guidance from someone with the appropriate background, life and work experiences and, importantly, an avid interest in helping others reach their life and career goals.

9 POWERFUL PRACTICES OF REALLY GREAT MENTORS features a set of proven techniques for those who serve as mentors in a variety of contexts, but particularly in the workplace. This new title completes a trilogy of practical books on management skills along with 9 Powerful Practices of Really Great Bosses and 9 Powerful Practices of Really Great Teams by these two highly acclaimed authors.

Stephen Kohn is president of Work & PEople Solutions, a prominent human resources management, leadership development, and executive coaching firm. He is one of the most senior and experienced executive coaches in the country, having advised senior managers on their leadership style for more than two decades. His firm’s clients have included The Guardian Life Insurance Company, BMW USA, and Ernst & Young.

Vincent D. O’Connell is president of B-SOLID Coaching and Training, a McLean, Virginia-based training and consulting firm focused on improving leadership, account relationship management, and teamwork skills within organizations. O’Connell served in executive positions in marketing at various hospitals, and he was a consultant for the Hay Group and Buck Consultants.