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Naturally Pain Free

Prevent and Treat Chronic and Acute Pains-Naturally

ISBN: 9789670484112




Page Count: 330

Publication Date: 2012

Available in:

Tackle Your Pain The Natural Way

Whether you’ve dealt with a lifetime of chronic aches and pains or suffer from a specific ailment, when you’re in constant pain, relief is the only thing on your mind. Are you using the same over-the-counter pain killer to treat everything from toothaches to knee pain? If so, you may only be providing a temporary mask to your suffering- not dealing it- and it’s only a matter of time before the pain returns.

Every pain is unique, from headaches to back strains to arthritis, and there’s no one-solution-fits-all to alleviate your suffering. Natural remedies expert Letha Hadady knows that to treat pain you must focus on the cause. Organizing her advice by both symptom and type of pain, Hadady guides you on how to use a variety of all-natural herbs, extracts and pills to ease and control the source of your suffering,

There is no one else of Letha’s stature, experience, and knowledge in the field of alternative medicine. – Alice Rhee, NBC News

The Martha Stewart of herbs. – Conde Nast Traveller

Her encyclopedia knowledge of health and beauty is evident – Daily News

Letha unearths the wisdom of the ancients –  New York Post