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250 Strategies for Success

Performance Strategies, Stories and Quotes to Inspire and Help You Achieve Your Goals in Life, Business and Sport

ISBN: 9789670610450




Page Count: 264

Publication Date: June 2014

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This book draws on the author’s considerable experience as a successful business mentor, coach, radio presenter and author as he continues to inspire us with wisdom and integrity. Partly based on his successful weekly radio presentations, in 250 Strategies for Success, George Norris presents a motivational quotation then reflects on what it means and how we can apply it to our daily life for inspiration, courage and wisdom to accelerate our success along the way.

“George has unique ability to pitch and connect at all levels and is expert in the use of practical analogies… Everyone can learn something from George.” – Peter Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Cookers Bulk Oil System Pty Ltd

“George Norris has the ability to cut through the philosophies and concentrate on results. His ability to turn strategy into outcomes is unparalleled.” – Ray Ellis, Chief Executive, First National Real Estate