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The 15-Minute Sudoku Book

Over 200 puzzles with instructions for solving

ISBN: 9789670484099




Page Count: 288

Publication Date: October 2012

Available in:

How fast Can You Sudoku?

Are you ready for the next challenge? The 15-Minute Sudoku Book takes these incredibly addictive number puzzles to the next level! Look inside to the skinny on rules, strategy, and helpful advice that is sure to make you a master solver—then set your stopwatch and start puzzling! But don’t worry if you can’t solve each puzzle in fifteen minutes or less; by the time you finish this book, you’ll be the speediest Sudoku solver around!

Puzzle expert Charles Timmerman offers you:

  • 200+ puzzles for swift solving fun
  • Rules and key strategies
  • Tips and tricks to improve your solving time